Monday, January 14, 2013


If you guys didn't see it i made a pot on the pottery wheel. I liked the experience and it was fun. The only thing that i was sad about is that it kept falling over. Also it broke when we came back from break.


This was my book. I got the idea looking on websites for ideas and an artist was doing this and I loved it. He found old books and cut out the pictures, layering them and making a big collage. I wanted to accept that challenge. I loved doing this project.

Paper Dragon

This was my first independent piece. I found my artist while looking and I liked her style. The reason i chose to do a dragon is because she had a lot of Asian influences. The only thing I didn't like about this piece is that I added the scales and didn't build off of that.

Watercolor Portraits

This was my experimental watercolor portrait. I had the idea in my head when Mr. Brant said we would be doing this. I fell like I didn't finish since the light reflection isn't as I wanted it. Overall it was fun.